September 9th, 2005

This just came over the wire from Rep. Al Juhnke, info Minnesotans need to know for the upcoming primaries:

Minnesota changes voter registration, but does anyone know?

Changes include acceptance of tribal ID, easier registration of residents of residential facilities; limits on vouching for voters; and challenge procedures.

The article notes that for some odd reason, these changes are not yet posted on the Secretary of State website!

NOT SO! From Cynthia Child, who says she found mention of it after quite a journey. Here’s her report:

The saga:

I tried the legislation page under Sen. Hottinger:

which referred me to:

which indicated nothing. It wasn’t until I saw a second reference to another House bill that I was able to see the summary which indicated it was still in “Conference Committee Report” but when I looked at:

I scrolled all the way to the bottom to see that yes indeed it had passed.

Looking on the SOS website I DID finally find the information I referred to above BUT had MANY steps:

not on the main page

not under news and current initiatives:

I found it obscurely hidden in newsletters:

Thanks for the update, Cynthia! Whew!

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