WHAT?!?  What is Pat Garofalo up to?  Just look what’s appeared in the House Energy Omnibus Bill:

134How did that happen?

So not only did Sen. Weber add it to the Senate Energy Omnibus Bill, but now it’s mysteriously appeared in the House Omnibus Bill.  Who “authored” this?  Well, we know it’s Geronimo, but what Rep. put their name on it?  Who is responsible?

Here’s what Sen. Weber said when he introduced the A-12 amendment to the bill in the Senate:

I have the A-12 Amendment, members…[staff passing out Amendment]… Previous legislation has required that there be a seven year limit as far as the leasing of wind rights, and this was of course to protect property owners from signing up for wind rights by someone who was just speculating and who may not have those wind rights ever available for a project.  There is a project up in Senator Westrom’s district, it is the former Black Oak Getty Wind Farm Project that has now been taken over by Geronimo.  And the project is in its early stages of construction, however it will not be completed by the time that the seven year period expires.  The purpose of this amendment is thereby to extend that seven year period to, by one year, to an eight year period.  It is very specific, the amendment is very specific as to the description of the project, and it is this project.  Farmers Union has been contacted, who pushed for the original seven year limit, and they are certainly OK with this, and I believe that parties have been in contact with Sen. Marty as it relates to it.  And if there are any questions as it relates to the project, Ms. Engelking is still available to address those.

Can you believe it?  It’s not even Sen. Weber’s district, and he introduced this without checking with Sen. Westrom?  EH?  Check it out on the Senate video of that meeting, Weber introduces it at about 3:29:09.  WATCH IT HERE!

Tomorrow is the House Energy Committee meeting and the Energy Omnibus Bill is on the agenda, starting at high noon, and 2p is the deadline for amendments, and Xcel’s Rick Evans has promised he’s got a thing or two up his sleeve, apparently confirming that Xcel is running the Committee.

Now is the time to let the Committee know what you think about legislative interference with the wind easement contracts between Geronimo and landowners in the Black Oak and Getty Wind Projects, BEFORE THE COMMITTEE MEETS.

  • Delete lines 134.1 – 134.11 of HF 843 — the House Energy Omnibus Bill.
  • Don’t put Geronimo’s corporate interests above those Black Oak and Getty Wind Project landowners who have contracts.
  • Wind contract language says it is a seven (7) year contract, not 8!
  • This is special legislation, legislation for Geronimo that is favoring a particular, specific, corporate interest — that’s prohibited by Minnesota law.
  • This legislation is against the interests of the landowners who signed the original contracts, for a project which has not been built, and contracts which are due to expire soon.
  • Legislature should not interfere and try to change a contract between Geronimo and landowners.  If Geronimo wants something different, they can negotiate in good faith with the landowners.
  • Landowners affected by this legislation were NOT notified before this bill’s introduction.
  • Geronimo might say that this legislation won’t affect the landowners, but if it doesn’t have an impact, why are they pushing for this legislation for this specific project?

Here’s the list for emails to delete lines 134.1 to 134.11 of the House Energy Omnibus Bill, let them know in technicolor what you think:

rep.pat.garofalo@house.mn, rep.dave.baker@house.mn, rep.karen.clark@house.mn, rep.dan.fabian@house.mn, rep.bob.gunther@house.mn, rep.melissa.hortman@house.mn, rep.jason.isaacson@house.mn, rep.sheldon.johnson@house.mn, rep.bob.loonan@house.mn, rep.jason.metsa@house.mn, rep.jim.newberger@house.mn, rep.marion.oneill@house.mn, rep.peggy.scott@house.mn, rep.erik.simonson@house.mn, rep.dennis.smith@house.mn, rep.chris.swedzinski@house.mn, rep.bob.vogel@house.mn, rep.jean.wagenius@house.mn, rep.jim.knoblach@house.mn, rep.jason.metsa@house.mn, rep.dave.baker@house.mn, rep.marion.oneill@house.mn

Thanks for weighing in, and tune in to the Committee tomorrow.



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