From Green Delaware, there’s action in Delaware in support of U.S. Senate Bill 859, the Rail Safety Act of 2015, urging something similar in the House:


Flames erupt from the scene of a crude-oil train derailment Feb. 16 near Timmins, in Ontario, Canada. (Transportation Safety Board of Canada)
Text of S.859 Crude-by-Rail Safety Act of 2015
Rep. Ed Osienski and Sen. Dave McBride developed a letter to Rep. John Carney asking the US Congress to take meaningful action on oil (“bomb”) trains.  This letter was signed by 30 Delaware state senators and representatives.

Here’s the letter.

Since the reopening of the Delaware City Refinery, engineered by Gov. Black Jack Markell behind the backs of the people of Delaware, Delaware has become a leading destination for “bomb trains.”  Oil comes into Delaware by train not only for refining in Delaware but for transshipment to other refineries along the Delaware River.  This mocks the Delaware Coastal Zone Act’s prohibition of “new bulk transfer facilities.”  Did Black Jack know that very dangerous bomb trains were part of the deal?  We don’t know, but it seems unlikely he would have cared one way or the other.  Delaware is also one of a few states that has shamed itself by refusing to release information on the routes and frequency of the bomb trains.

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Check the letter to see if YOUR Senator and Representative have signed on.  If not, ASK THEM TO.  Contact information from the League of Women Voters is here.

And thank Rep. Osienski and Sen. McBride.

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