It was so cool to see so many of you at the Taconite Public Hearing, particularly all those I didn’t know!! Rather than the “usual suspects” we had such a broad range of people speaking out against the Mesaba Project, and from the looks of it, LOTS of you sent in letters to the ALJ’s in this case. I’ve heard from a couple of you, asking “What happens with the letter I sent in?” No, it doesn’t go into a black hole… I think… So while I fight Filezilla and upload these Initial Briefs, here’s a link where your letters and documents entered during testimony at the Public Hearings should appear:

OAH Public Comment Letters

The Comment period was closed on December 22, 2006. So why are some that are stamped “received” after that date included here? Shouldn’t those go into the “Late-Filed Comments” section?

Here are a couple of letters to check out:

Letter from Sen. David Tomassoni
You can email him at:

Letter from Sen. Tom Saxhaug

You can email him and let him know the correct number of “permanent jobs” that Mesaba claims at:

I sent Sen. Tomassoni and Rep. Mike Beard the Excelsior presentations to the legislature from 2002 to refresh their memories. Better to send it to Saxhaug too, eh?

Excelsior Presentation to Senate 2002

Excelsior Presentation to House 2002

Click here for the whole 2003 Prairie Island Bill including Mesaba

How quickly we forget… I think Excelsior’s counting on no one remembering, no one having been there…

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