Hot off the press, here is the Zip Rail Scoping Decision and Alternatives:

Final Scoping Decision Document Reports Jan 20, 2015 icon 3 MB
Final Scoping Decision Document Appendix A Reports Jan 20, 2015 icon 22 MB
Final Scoping Decision Document Appendix B Reports Jan 20, 2015 icon 21 MB

Sign in sheets for meetings are in Appendix A.  Comments received are in Appendix B.

In addition to the requisite “No Build Alternative,” the route options they’re looking at in the EIS will include:


I wonder if they’ve considered the big natural gas pipeline that runs across Hwy. 14 along the pink/purple route between Dodge Center and Rochester?

Also looks like a potential problem by Cannon Falls and Hwy. 19… Wild & Scenic River designation, sandwiched in between the Byllesby Dam, Hwy. 52 and the City of Cannon Falls.  Can’t see how that would work, particularly with that CapX 2020 transmission line right there and the DOT restrictions on putting that through.  I… DON’T… THINK… SO…

The Draft EIS is supposed to be completed in 2015.  Something tells me that’s a bit overambitious…

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