Yes, I admit it, I’m obsessed with the $2,155,680,783 cost of Excelsior Energy’s Mesaba Project. This is a cost docket after all. And I’m as obsessed with how difficult it is to get that number out into the public. So you’ll hear it and hear it until when you google “Excelsior Energy” or “Mesaba Project” or “boondoggle” or “crock of shit” you’ll get “$2,155,680,783” as the result!

Yes, Virginia, it’s $2,155,680,783, and NOT $1.2 billion.

Going the other way, a google of “$2,155,680,783” produces two DOE reports, one of which is dated Jume 2006, so will someone please explain what happened to Excelsior’s “continuing obligation” to update information material to their PUC Petition?

Project Facts: Mesaba Project
DOE, November 2006

And from last June:

Clean Coal Technology Programs:
Program Update 2006
DOE, June 2006

So as of last June, it was public information. Why wasn’t this voluntarily entered into the record by Excelsior? Why wasn’t the Dept. of Commerce notified of this cost BEFORE they submitted all their cost analysis based on bogus construction cost of this boondoggle? The “why” is obvious, if we knew what it cost, it’s dead in the water. if we knew what it cost, well, Amit’s analysis would be even more damning than it already is. If we knew what it cost, there’s no way to justify permitting this project. But for all of us to expend all that effort on numbers that aren’t worth the paper they’re printed on, Excelsior, gassify that!

Overland, get over it, yeah, I know, but the problem is I have to write this brief, there are reams of testimony, and it’s all essentially worthless because the numbers are so far off. Works for Excelsior, but I sure don’t want to waste my time pouring over it when it’s unmitigated bullshit. I’m struggling with words suitable for a brief, “UFB” doesn’t quite do it. Sure, I should make a recommendation of what the ALJs and Commission should do with the numbers presented, but that’s another issue of publishable nomenclature… You’d think a B.A. in writing and an “Esq.” after my name would help…
Sometimes it’s hard to be a dog…

$2,155,680,783. GOT IT?


There will be a test.


We’re getting there! Google that number under “News” and there’s a start too!

Would coal gasification project fit into Pawlenty’s plan (now archived)
but you can find it here:

That’s the one where Pawlenty said he’d grandfather it in if they do CO2 legislation — proving that it doesn’t do anything about CO2, DUH!

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