Rice County — once again they’ve got me asking “WHATEVER ARE THEY THINKING?!?!?!” This week, I received their “answers” to the Discovery Requests of Rice County Land Use Accountability in our suit against the County for repeated violation of environmental law. Their responses were the legal Discovery equivalent of a G.W. response:

(thanks to Matt Johnson for finding this and putting it on the office wall)

Here are the scanned Rice County responses to our very specific questions — see for yourself! Download file

Over and over, the Rice County mantra:

Answer: Objection, overly broad and burdensome, irrelevant and not calculated to lead to discoverable information.

Not one word of substance, and no documents produced whatsoever, no invitation to show up, dig through files, and do some copying.

OK, fine, “Bring it on!!!!” …now where did I put those weapons of mass destruction??? Guess I’ll have to try a Motion to Compel instead.

bush-finger 2.jpg

(“some people” were tiring of the horses’ asses, so this one’s for you!)

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