It’s that time of year again here in nuclear land. Each year we get a calendar with the emergency details that inquiring minds want to know, that most of us would rather not be reminded of… like evacuation routes, pottasium iodide distribution, OH, I FEEL SO SAFE NOW! We even get a new “NOTIFIED” card each year to leave in the door when we evacuate, “as if we’re going on vacation.”

Last year they sent out a cheezy brochure, and this year, I’m sure in response to all the complaints, they’re back to a calendar. And of course, I thanked Michael Wadley profusely!

Here’re the zones — I’m in 10SE, and the evacuation routes, well, given that up here on the bluff I’ve got a full frontal exposure to the plan. this could be a problem! Anyway, if there’s an “emergency,” if we’re supposed to evacuate, here’s what we’re supposed to do:

  • Close all doors and windows. Pack a few personal items and prepare your home as if you were leaving on vacation.
  • Position the NOTIFIED sign found in the back of this brocuure (below) to an easily seen front window or door so authorities will know you have evacuated.
  • Assist neighbors, if possible, if they need transportation out of the area.
  • Follow radio instructions to evacuate to the emergency reception center.
  • See the evacuation route map for directions to the reception center in your state.
  • Drive the most direct route to proceed to the reception center.
  • During a General Emergency while evacuating, you will be directed to take potassium iodide. Do not delay your evacuation to locate or administer KI.


And here’s the evacuation route — there will be a test… this is only a test… were it not a test… Again, given that I’m up here on the bluff, I think I’d hightail it out Hwy, 58, to get out of the valley fast, and then west and north ASAP. But too many of the planned evacuation routes go right by the plant! Go figure! where do we stay? Look! Supposedly we all go past the plant and up to Cottage Grove, or across the river and to the east. Now why not Farmington, Eagan or lakeville? To the west and north, opposite the way the wind usually blows. Well, that’s my belief, though it would be good to see a wind rose for the area.

Time for another cup of coffee…


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