Not one Range legislator spoke in favor of Excelsior’s Mesaba coal gasification (IGCC) project PPA Public Hearings last week. Not one! At prior public comment opportunities, they were fighting each other to be first to “rah-rah” and do the Barney dance with the promoters. Oh, barf… But what’s happening now? Are they getting the message that this project is hazardous to their political health? Can they be paying attention to their constituents, and paying a little less attention to special interests?

But hearing that Pawlenty wants to “grandfather in” Mesaba if there’s restrictive CO2 legislation… whatever is he thinking? That’s going too far! We’re way overdue in holding these guys accountable, we’ve been letting them be such Excelsior toadies — and what’s up with Amy anyway? As they’re saying on the Range, “Not OUR Amy?!?!?” We’ll see, seems to me she’s surfing that learning curve and “needs more information.”

To some extent it comes with the political territory. Everyone knows that if you google Pawlenty and Excelsior you get 964 hits and the news that Excelsior has moved this photo of these guys to parts unknown (hello, ever heard of Wayback?) (and who’da thunk that “The Excelsior Choir” photowould not be on point):

And then there’s Coleman, also pictured above, he gets 1,070 hits, some of them hilariously irrelevant, and this photo:


And lately, Micheletti’s been quoted claiming Amy Klobuchar’s support:

â??(Minnesota Sen.-elect) Amy (Klobuchar) has been supportive from Day 1 â?¦ sheâ??s endorsed the project. Thatâ??s critical because sheâ??ll be on the Senate Environment Committee. Sheâ??s strong on the global warming issue and realizes that new technology is key. And sheâ??s a quick study,â? said Micheletti, who said other senators, such as Barbara Boxer of California, also recognizes the importance of the coal gasification process.

On the other hand, not a word from Klobuchar herself that I can find. Inquiring minds want to know! So off to Rochester!

Stolen from www.doublespeakshow.com!

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