If you have anything at all in the way of material possessions, odds are that it was brought to you by a trucker, or the pieces you made it with were brought to you by a trucker.  If you eat, unless you grew it on your own, odds are it was brought to you by a trucker.

There’s always been a truck driver shortage, despite yahoos like Rick Brandt at W&S (that’s Wicked & Sadistic) saying, “The driver is the most easily replaceable part of a truck.”  Now, it’s worse.  The Hours of Service rules are tighter — you read these and let me know if you can comply!  Plus trucks are computerized, meaning logs are on the computer, if the truck is rolling down the road, the computer says you’re driving and you can only do so much of that in a day.  Insurance companies are probably more strict about who companies can hire, what kind of driving record means rejection.  And as always, it means being away from home so long that home becomes your truck.

In today’s STrib:

Trucking firms, short of drivers, are stretching to find more

On the flip side, pay is more than twice what it was as Reagan deregulated trucking in 1983.  And trucks are nothing like the cabovers with arm strong steering and hockey puck suspension of that era — nowadays, everyone’s got a hood and a rumpus room, usually a fridge, and of course the aforementioned computer which isn’t exactly programmed for fun or enlightenment, just work.  Fuel mileage has also changed, where 7 mpg is now not that unusual, and you won’t see the black clouds of eye-stinging emissions, what with low sulphur fuel and “Diesel Emissions Fuel” to further limit sulphur output.  Loads are better, with shipper load, and mostly receiver unload and when they want it broken down, lumper fees are paid without a hassle.


Still, “easy” as it is, it makes for a long week…





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