How is it that someone who is by definition a political partisan can whine about “partisan politics” and then disclose an anecdote of a partisan constituent displaying inappropriate partisan behavior at a nonpartisan church forum that she organized? It’s one of those “whatever is he thinking” things…


Par-ti-san 1: a firm adherent to a party, faction, cause or person: esp: one exhibiting blind, prejudiced and unreasoning allegiance 2a: a member of a body of detached light troops making forays and harassing an enemy b: a member of a guerrilla band operating within enemy lines.

Here’s what Ray has to say:

I?ve talked about partisan politics from time to time on my weblog. I will say that the partisan part of politics can really wear people down. It doesn’t crop up so much during the off years, but the election years really turns up the heat under partisan rhetoric.

Now, here’s that odd part — Ray is using a comment from a constutient, disclosing her inappropriate behavior (bold added):

?Hang in there…here’s a little humor for you from last fall before the election. I hosted a Forum at XXX Lutheran using the Nat’l Council of Churches format as to why ALL Christians should become informed and vote…not just the Evangelical right. As we were going through the criteria I said that I encouraged folks to search their heart and their mind on each vote. I gave you as an example. (I think some would call it the bully pulpit) I said, “As you all know, I have been a life long Democrat, but that doesn’t mean I support a straight party ticket. I admit that I didn’t vote for Ray Cox the first time, but he has earned my vote this time because of his willingness to look at the broader picture of what is best for all of Minnesotans. Politics is the art of compromise. I believe Ray has proved that through his actions.” You can imagine the shock waves this sent and many loyal Democrats tried to convince me to change my vote. They didn’t. Thanks for your informative updates. I have been in XXXX for the past XX months working, but have appreciated the link via the internet.?

Something tells me the shock waves were from the statement of the event organizer in what is supposed to be a neutral context. I wonder if the Northfield League of Women Voters witnessed this incident? I wonder what the National Council of Churches would think?

Not to worry… no matter what partisan rhetoric he puts out there, the votes show that he’s voting Republican party line on all but a few votes where Sviggum says the Republican Party can afford a vote to please Northfield. Don’t believe it? That means you haven’t look at his record! Some people remember that the guy who says “I refuse to participate in negative campaigning” was negative campaigning in the Rice County dump with the Speaker. Forgotten about that? Refresh your memory here!

Sviggum pig nose.jpg

Damn, speaking of Rovian political partisans, I missed Doug Jones’ Republican “take over the Senate” fundraiser. Guess I’d better check with my partisan on that! And I have to admit, Jones does understand the jurisdictional issues of transmission!

Speaking of partisans, if anyone wants to be a Republican volunteer, here’s your chance:

Please join us here at RPM Headquarters every Monday from 6 p.m. – 9 p.m. for voter identification phone banks! In addition to pizza and great prizes for helping out, your hard work will go towards helping all of our endorsed Republican candidates win in 2006! For questions, please call Leslie Wilcox at 651-842-0116 or email at

Oh, we’re having fun now…

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