Nearly 400!  And asking questions that need to be asked, and expecting answers about a project that could have immense impact and even more cost!  “The people” get it.

For more info, see www.goziprail.org  and  Midwest High Speed Rail Association.

Comments due by August  6, 2014.  Send comments to:

          info@goziprail.org         or

MN DOT Passenger Rail Office ATTN: Zip Rail
395 John Ireland Boulevard, MS 470
St. Paul, MN 55155

So last night, I’m at the Zip Rail meeting, blasted down from Red Wing, greeted everyone at the door, handed out some flyers, didn’t have nearly enough, and was standing in the back listening to the same ol’, same ol’ rap, on and on.  Chuck Michael, then Garneth Peterson, then Chuck again, yawn… and getting irritated hearing the song and dance with little of substance, so I went into the commons, the meeting was broadcast out there, writing out a few things to hand in, zzzzzzzzzzz … it’s pushing 7, meeting end time, and I’m following the discussion, nothing exciting, winding down, so I hit the road.  I felt good about getting some questions and info on how to comment into people’s hands.  All in a day’s work…

But DAMN!  Left too soon!!!  This meeting, the people stood up and let them know what they were thinking!

Here’s the report in the Post Bulletin:

Fireworks erupt at Zip Rail meeting in Kenyon

BRETT BOESE, bboese@postbulletin.com

KENYON — Zip Rail representatives traveled to Kenyon on Thursday night and were greeted by an ornery crowd of nearly 400.

It was the fourth area meeting of the week on the proposed high-speed rail connecting Rochester to the Twin Cities, but the first in which many rural residents of Dodge and Goodhue counties weighed in. People packed the auditorium and let project manager Chuck Michael have it during a biting, free-flowing exchange that went an hour over the scheduled time — and could have gone much longer had the school’s janitorial staff not stepped in to clear out the building.

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