I spend a lot of time checking out real estate, even more than dogs on Petfinder!  Back when I was first looking for a house in Red Wing, there was an abandoned house with little trees coming up in the gutters, pieces of the house falling off, it was grey and neglected, and accordingly, CHEAP!  Bluff in the back, the city golf course in front, so not much in the way of neighbors.  Way out of my price range, but a deal for whoever bought it.  Well, they did, and they’ve brought it back and more, it’s beautiful now (though the living room is still too dark, and priced accordingly:

1622 Spruce Street, Red Wing


And another favorite, right on the corner of 7th and West:

706 East Avenue

That church that was so beautifully redone on 7th and Bush sold in a matter of days.  Time to get our house on 8th Street fixed and sold!

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