Don’t forget that today is the Open House for Excelsior’s new office in Coleraine. It’s from 4-7 p.m. at the Peterson Funeral Home, be sure to stop in and ask when they’re holding the memorial service for Excelsior! With any luck, I should receive some photos from some little birdie or another…

What literally got me thinking about that was that I’d forgotten to feed the birdies and all my birdies were out over the poop deck bitching and kvetching, mad chickadees, junkos, nuthatches, blue jays and cardinals, not safe to let the grrrrrrls out, those little guys would divebomb like the eagles do at Colville Park! So, they’re taken care of, back to business…

Julie Risser, i.e.,, was netletted today in the STrib:

Better rethink coal-gasification plans

Regarding the Dec. 3 Business section article “Power-plant plan producing hot debate”: Tom Micheletti and Julie Jorgensen’s vision of six coal-gasification plants springing up over the next 30 years in northern Minnesota is outrageous; Minnesota lacks the geography needed for carbon sequestration and it does not produce coal.

Minnesota is already too dependent on coal to meet its electricity needs — more coal plants will not move us closer to energy independence. The cost of coal will continue to rise — approximately 50 percent of already comes from transporting it.

Finally, the potential pollution problems to Minnesota’s lakes, rivers and streams are enormous. Coal gasification is not a good fit for Minnesota. Team Excelsior should take its plans to Wyoming or Montana — go where the coal is.


But “to Wyoming or Montana?” They are clamoring for it, BUT water problems there have the same impact as water problems here, and then there’s… gasp… TRANSMISSION!!!

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