First, the Supremes — which upholds the EPA’s regulations governing air pollution emitted in one state and causing harm in another (ND v. MN anyone??).

EPA v. EME Homer City Generation 12-1182

And a little closer to home — Wisconsin’s voter ID law was tossed out, one line says pretty much all there is to say about voter fraud — FOR ALL INTENTS AND PURPOSES, IT DOESN’T EXIST:

…there is less than one questionable vote cast each major election per 330,000 eligible voters. The rate of potential voter-impersonation fraud is thus exceedingly tiny.

DOH!  Here’s the case:

Voter ID – Judge Adelman’s Order:  Frank, et al., v. Scott Walker; and League of United Latin American Citizens of Wisconsin, et al. v JUDGE DAVID G. DEININGER, et al.


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