A bloom on a cold day in hell!

February 15th, 2014

We found a few flower pots in the driveway of a foreclosed and abandoned house, lots of other stuff too, but this is about the plants.

One was this big potted ~18″ long thin rubbery leaved thing, and it spent the summer on the deck, but the deer ate it down to the dirt.  OK, fine, watered it a lot and put it on the table where the deer don’t go, and voila, it grew back to about 9″ but then winter came.  Got it inside, but a little late, and then forgot it on the dining room floor, and Kady Kate ate the leaves.  Then Kate ate the dirt.


So we brought in the iron baker’s rack, stuck it in the dining room window and put all the pots over there surrounded by cat beds so the cat could enjoy the view and the plants were protected from the dog!  It worked, and a couple of weeks later, look what’s there to greet me when I got home from the transmission road show — a Valentine’s Day Flower?  Beats the hell out of a Christmas Cactus, but what is it?


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