Today we got the Draft Master Exhibit List for the Excelsior Mesaba Coal Gasification Project’s Power Purchase Agreement at the PUC. The items are frustrating to look at because you can’t get a sense what many of them are, I mean, what does “Excelsior Response to Xcel IR 4” mean, after all????

Here’s the Exhibit List (I haven’t checked yet to see if our MCGP exhibit links still work):


See anything we’re missing?

Oh, and this came in today from Excelsior, their answer to the simple “Yes or No” question:

Does the estimated cost of the PPA include any costs for equipment necessary to capture and sequestrate CO2? Does it include any footprint costs to modify the plant components or plant, to accomodate any CO2 capture and sequestration? The response requires a “yes” or “no.” If your answer is in the affirmative, please explain.

Simple enough, but read the answer, and you tell me…


I don’t see it as saying anything more than “it COULD capture if we wanted it to and by design IGCC makes it easier, so yes, costs are incorporated because IGCC design is incorporated…” Oh, right, ok… good answer… sigh… Doesn’t sound like an engineer response to me!

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