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In this letter, West Virginia’s Governor is begging for help.  He spends quite a few words explaining a need.  Why is this even necessary?  Is it not obvious?

Yet despite the best efforts of the company and government many people no longer view their tap water as safe and are continuing to demand bottled water to meet their potable water needs.  It is impossible to predict when this will change, if ever.

There is little hope that these costs can be recouped by the party found responsible for this event.  The company that was storing the contaminants has filed for bankruptcy and there are several pending suits against that company.  It is very unlikely the state will ever receive any reimbursement for its costs from the responsible party.

This is exactly the sort of situation where they must pierce the corporate veil and go after them individually, civilly and criminally, and hold them accountable.  What are they waiting for?

From NPR:

How Industrial Chemical Regulation Failed West Virginia

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