They caaalll Mesaaaba liiiars…

November 25th, 2006


“If we were a bunch of liars, we’d have never got this project to where it is today.”

Tom Micheletti, Grand Rapids Herald Review, Nov. 20, 2006

OK, y’all, this is a test! Find the lies, misrepresentations, and balderdash in the Mesaba Messenger:


Please leave your findings in the comments below.

Need a hint?

  • Consider the legal meaning of denial of a motion to dismiss!
  • Explain how 10/25 rulings are big step forward!
  • Explain impact of “Plan for Carbon Capture” on CO2 emissions!
  • How many jobs for Range residents?
  • Exactly how were the inputs for the UMD study verified?
  • How many jobs? 1,000 in 2002, 107 in application, 143 in newsletter?
  • When crucial pieces are so unreliable that a spare is needed, is it success?
  • Is it good engineering to rely on gasifiers that are proven unreliable?
  • Should “gas” be the secondary fuel noted on the DOE Agreement?
  • Exactly what region has a 6,000MW need? (this should be easy for my regular readers).
  • Exactly how many MW in the MISO queue for that same region when the CapX2020 report was written?
  • Now many MW in the MISO queue for that same region NOW?

Excelsior states the following are myths (taken from the 3,781 word “Guest Column” in a Range paper), and ignore and misrepresent the facts:

Myth: The Mesaba Project will force wind energy off from the grid.

Fact: Read the MISO G519 study. “Misunderstand?” Right….

Myth: The Mesaba Project is an experimental project.

Fact: Read the DOE Notice of Intent, it’s a demonstration project, deemed too risky for private investment.

Myth: Energy from the Mesaba Project will be much more expensive than conventional technologies.

Fact: Excelsior’s presentation to the Metro Counties Energy Task Force says it’s $6,38. If we lose 25% with CO2 capture and another $7-14 billion for transport and sequestration, it’ll be what??? (as if $6.8 isn’t bad enough!)

Myth: The environmental advantages of Meaba’s IGCC technology over conventional coal plants may not be significant.

Fact: Read the testimony in this case! And note that Natural Resources Defense Council ($437,500), Clean Air Task Force ($787,500) and various chapters of the Sierra Club are funded by the Joyce Foundation to promote IGCC. Hey, you left out Clean Wisconsin and their $750,000, reported as $500,000 but we know better!

So, put on your thinking caps and find the errors in the Mesaba Messenger!


Extra credit if you can figure out what crucial newsletter staple is missing!!!

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