At the end of May, PSEG announced that they have filed an “Early Site Permit Application” with the Nuclear Regulatory Commission for a new nuclear plant at the Salem-Hope Creek site on the Delaware River.  This is an “Early Site Permit Application” but it’s one that has the “opportunity” for a contested case, meaning we’ve got to act, because only intervenors are parties, only parties have any rights.  So, it’s time to check out what they’re proposing and get ready.


Here’s their press release:

PSEG Power and PSEG Nuclear file Early Site Permit Application

It’s now available, posted on the NRC website (PSEG wouldn’t send me one directly, and that was about three weeks ago that I’d asked):

The NRC Press Release says:

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission has made available to the public an Early Site Permit (ESP) application for the PSEG site near Salem, N.J.

The applicants, PSEG Power and PSEG Nuclear, submitted the application and associated information on May 25. The application, minus proprietary and security-related details, is available on the NRC Web site at:

PSEG’s ESP application seeks resolution of safety and environmental issues for the site, approximately seven miles southwest of Salem. The NRC staff is currently conducting an initial check of the application to determine whether it contains sufficient information required for a formal review. If the application passes the initial check, the NRC will “docket,” or accept it for review; this decision is expected by early August. If the application is accepted, the NRC will then announce an opportunity for the public to request an adjudicatory hearing on the application.

More information about the new reactor licensing process is available on the NRC Web site at:

The PSEG Press Release from May says:

The preferred location for a potential new plant would be adjacent to PSEG Nuclear’s Salem and Hope Creek Generating Stations now in operation in Lower Alloways Creek, Salem County.  The site is currently the second largest nuclear facility in the United States.

That’s right across the Delaware river from us in Port Penn, Delaware… as if three reactors at Salem and Hope Creek aren’t enough?  Plus I’ve got two here just upriver and upwind in Red Wing.  AAAAAAAAAAGH!


And let me get this straight, they think this can fly?  Who would finance it?  Oh, right, the feds…but WHY?

Who would buy that power that will be so expensive, even with subsidies?  They want to build this as an independent power producer… and the energy market is GLUTTED.  Who would buy it?  At what price?

  • Energy prices are at an all time low, peak demand is at an all time low.
  1. PJM State of the Market Report 2009 – Marketing Analytics
  2. PJM State of the Market Report 2010 (1Q) – Marketing Analytics
  • On the other hand, nuclear, NEW nuclear, is at an all time high, the capital cost is well over $6,500/kw.  Unless it’s subsidized 100% by ratepayers, who could afford it — but anything is easy to afford if someone else pays, so…
  • Taxpayers and ratepayers pay?

What planet are they on?

Yes, they ARE insane!