AG Sessions Resigns!

November 7th, 2018

Attorney General Jeff Sessions resigns.  YES!!!  But that opens the door for misbehavior of tRump and interference/obstruction of the ongoing investigations.  He was boasting today in that beyond bizarre press conference that “I could fire them all” and “I could stop the investigations” “BUT I DIDN’T” so now, what will happen?  $50 he starts firing a few more folks because “I could stop the investigations.”  Hope he does, because that sounds like obstruction to me!

What a wild ride this is…

Cohen – Criminal Information

August 23rd, 2018

For all of you wondering about the basis for Cohen’s guilty plea, here ya go, primary documentation:


This is not just about his failure to report income which avoided $1.4 million in taxes (where’s the penalties and interest?). not just about paying hush money to women, it is also about arranging media outlet “purchase” of women’s stories and then the stories were buried.  It is also about a payment of $50,000 for “tech services,” which there’s been allegations that this was for Russian hacking. An interesting read…

Keep at it, Mueller.  Follow the money!

Soooooo, Mueller has indicted 8 Russians and Russian internet companies. Here’s the indictment.  REAL NEWS, PRIMARY SOURCE.  READ IT!


“Unwitting individuals from Trump Campaign…” cited here:

I’m waiting, looking for those “witting” individuals.  We’ll get there, I do believe.