There are too many people who think Sheriff Joe Arpaio walks on water.  Horrifying.  Thankfully, at long last, Arpaio is in trouble, deep, deep trouble, not just legally, but he’s probably going to loose the his bid for re-election, and may be sent to jail.  Can’t happen soon enough.

New poll shows Sheriff Joe Arpaio is in a tight re-election race

Another poll shows Sheriff Joe Arpaio in a tight general election race

New poll has Penzone leading Arpaio in race for sheriff

Could Donald Trump and Sheriff Joe Arpaio Cost John McCain His Senate Seat?


The Department of Justice investigation is moving forward, lawsuits abound, and Arpaio is losing, found in contempt of court for violating the court’s injunction.

Arizona’s Sheriff Joe hit with 1st round of punishments in contempt case

And on a parallel front, the Department of Justice is moving forward to document his many violations of the Constitution and federal law, and to shut him down, hold Maricopa County responsible, and that’s good.   About time!  Here are their links:

This guy needs to be OUT of office and thrown in jail.  The magnitude of his racist and blatantly unconstitutional policies and actions has been exposed, and must stop — despite the court ordered injunction, he continues…  Here’s hoping the judge does push for a criminal contempt case against Arpaio.  And once he’s gone, the entire Sheriff’s Office needs to be rebuilt.  Whew, that’s a big job.