Roger Stone & Proud Boys

July 13th, 2020

Roger Stone and Proud Boys in Portland, OR

Since Roger Stone’s commutation, this photo has been flying around, some just to get out the visual about this slimebag, some saying it’s a post commutation celebration. It’s a photo from 2018.

I dug around a bit because it’s Portland, lil’ bro is in Portland these days, and I’ve been continuing to learn about Portland’s racist history.

The Racist History of Portland, the Whitest City in America

Anyway, the photo above is from 2018, from an Alex Jones twit account that has since been suspended.

Going back, found this from February 7, 2019:

Portland’s six degrees of Robert Mueller

That (convoluted) article has this photo, attributed to Alex Jones’ account, taken at Bentley’s Grill in Salem, OR:

Following the Willamette Week link, March 7, 2018:

Right-Wing Provocateur Roger Stone Asked Proud Boys For Protection at Dorchester Conference Last Weekend

Which also references Alex Jones and directly links to Alex Jones’ suspended account:

“Photos of Stone drinking with a handful of Proud Boys circulated across social media over the weekend, outraging Democrats.”

And a dead end at Alex Jones’ account: