Fukushima Reactor 3 blows…

March 13th, 2011


New Explosion at Japan nuclear facility – CBS News



Oh great… I dug through my pile o’ mail and found our voucher to get potassium iodide — we can get it at the Target here in Red Wing or in Cottage Grove.  Now I feel safe… right… life in a nuclear town.

Three injured, seven missing after explosion at nuclear plant

Hydrogen explosion rocks Japan nuclear facility…

Are people getting how serious this is?  Two reactors melting down?

Below, yesterday’s blast — today’s was much the same:


One suggestion of the fallout path from Beyond Nuclear and Australian Radiation Service:

Meltdown caused nuclear plant explosion: Saftey Body


BOOM!  Here we go… explosion at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant. I write this as I’m sitting here in Red Wing, near two nuclear reactors (which are built not far from a fault in downtown Red Wing), and in Delaware with the THREE Salem and Hope Creek reactors just across the Delaware River, this is NOT what I want to see.  Our reliance on nuclear power, Minnesota’s recent repeal of our nuclear moratorium, HOW STUPID CAN WE BE?  That this would happen in Japan makes it even worse.

At issue are the following nuclear plants (from NIRS fact sheet, linked below):


Regarding the map above, Michael Mariotte of NIRS claims the numbers are way off, that as it is “there would be no increased radiation in the United States, however, these wind patterns and increased levels would come into play in the event that the core melts down.” (emphasis added) …but folks, that’s what the map says, M-E-L-T-D-O-W-N! Here’s NIRS’ info about this:

NIRS Factsheet

Last night in the STrib there was a quote from some nuclear muck-a-muck noting the high radiation levels in the plant and saying, “I sure wouldn’t want to be in there now.”  Every nuclear worker, every CEO, officers, board of every company making money on that plant better be there dealing with it first hand, it’s their moral obligation.

Huge blast at Japan nuclear power plant – BBC

Behind the Hydrogen Explosion at the Fukushima nuclear plant

Radiation leaks from Japan’s quake-hit nuclear plant

Seawater used to cool reactor

Below, a transformer fire at the plant, prior to the explosion: