Ask and you shall receive? Here is the Red Wing budget info in reasonable form, line items so we can see what’s really at issue here:


When you go to the link, click on the “Fund Summaries” for the various funds, take your pick, and you’ll get charts and graphs and spreadsheets to keep you busy for a long while:

City of Red Wing 2023 Budget

October 26th, 2022

It’s that time of year again…

Lots to review, the budget is no small thing! This is the City’s Budget page, which will be updated before and after meetings:

2023 Budget Planning

From the August 29, 2022 meeting, primary docs:

Purpose of the August 29, 2022, City Council Budget Workshop
The purpose of the budget workshop is to further discuss the 2023 levy and review Special Revenue funds.

Other primary documents for consideration:

  1. Budget Overview (PDF)
  2. 2019 10-Year Strategic Plan with Council top priorities highlighted (PDF)