It’s out, the PJM Monitoring Analytics “State of the Market” report.  Check the pages at the very beginning for info about “external subsidies” and proposed subsidization of uneconomic nuclear generation.

Important factoid – peak demand down 4.3%

Here’s the 2017 State of the Market Report:

Volume I
Volume I (2MB PDF) contains the introduction.

Volume II
Volume II (14MB PDF) contains detailed analysis and results.

Check out the real-time PJM Locational Marginal Pricing map:

At last, the report we’ve all been waiting for!   TAA-DAAAA:

PJM State of the Market 2009

Don’t worry, I can FEEL you all rolling your eyes, just suspend disbelief and read this thing.  If nothing else, just look at the pictures!

And if you want to download it, well, pour a cup of coffee, and maybe pack a lunch, it’s a big report with lots of graphics that takes a while.  But it’s well worth it…

According to Forbes, parrotting a press release from Monitoring Analytics, the PJM 2009 year end State of the Market Report will be released by Monitoring Analytics on Thursday,  March 11, 2010, with a press briefing at 11:00 a.m. somewhere in Washington.  It will be available on the PJM site some time afterwards.  Monitoring Analytics is the firm that does the report for PJM.   Is Monitoring Analytics a PJM spinoff?

This is one of those reports that I’m really looking forward to…