There’s the ongoing rulemaking at Office of Administrative Hearings, and now there’s a notice from the Public Utilities Commission requesting comments.

‘Bout time — here we go, the preamble to rulemaking notice:

Comments Requested 201212-81506-01

At this point, there’s nothing to comment on, it’s a free form free-for-all about what needs to be changed and how in Minnesota Rules Chapters 7849 and 7850.  Ch. 7849 doesn’t exist now, but they’re going to move the Certificate of Need Notice Plan rules in 7829 to 7849.  But 7828.7849 is Certificate of Need and 7850 is Siting/Routing.  EH?

Here’s what they say:

Subject of Rules. The Minnesota Public Utilities Commission requests comments on
possible amendments to two rule chapters governing large electric power plants and high-voltage transmission lines: Chapter 7849 and Chapter 7850. The Commission also intends to move the notice plan requirements for high-voltage transmission lines contained in Minn. R., part 7829.2550 into Chapter 7849. The Commission is considering rule amendments to streamline and enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of both processes. The Commission aims to align the procedures of both rule chapters to the extent feasible, to clarify the structural framework of the processes, to resolve inherent timing conflicts, to maximize citizen participation, and to
incorporate new statutory criteria required for demonstrating that a project is needed.

Links to the rules they’re looking at:

Minn. R. 7829.2550  Notice Plan when seeking certification of high voltage transmission lines

Minn. R. Ch. 7850 (it’s LARGE)

Go figure…  Does this mean they’re looking at applying Notice Plan rules to both Certificate of Need and Siting/Routing?

Comments are due by 4:30 p.m. January 24, 2012.

Kate Kahlert, Staff Attorney
Public Utilities Commission
121 Seventh Place East, Suite 350
Saint Paul, Minnesota 55101-2147

Telephone: 651-201-2239,
FAX: 651-297-7073

email kate.kahlert(a)

TTY users may call the Commission at 1-800-627-3529

Anyway, now we have yet another opportunity to propose specific changes, as I’ve done over the years at the PPSA in filing rulemaking Petitions:

Overland Rulemaking Petition – 2010

Goodhue Wind Truth Rulemaking Petition 2011