Winter Camping in MN State Parks

December 25th, 2021

Minneopa, Halloween weekend 2017

Minnesota has many state parks open for winter camping — Frontenac State Park, where we are now, is one:

We’ve not done winter camping, and I’ve been watching videos about tent camping to get the hang of it before we try tenting in earnest. A 3 week trip is planned, but NOT in winter.

EEEEK, I’ll pass on a tent in that weather.

So far, we’ve only taken three cold weather trips, all around Halloween to get away, and both were pretty cold. The worst was in Minneopa, 2017, above, where the temp was 20s to low 30s, but the wind was just awful. We had propane heat, and a little space heater because we had an electric site, and the pup held heat pretty well:

Little Sadie would beg to differ:

Took maiden voyage in the Starcraft hybrid to Wisconsin, Potawatomi State Park and Pt. Beach Forest, and the van kept having severe problems, and it was no fun at all. First it was stalling and dying, took 2 days to figure it out:

… then electrical problems:

But the weather was PERFECT!

This year for Halloween, we went to William O’Brien State Park, and it was chilly, but not bad, because it was SUNNY, which always helps.

I’d looked about a month ago for Minnesota camping, and yes, I know that Halloween is NOT “winter.” Google found a DNR “Winter Camping” page but “404,” so I shot off an email, and now the page is working. Here’s the map with winter camping in Minnesota State Parks:

And the DNR page on “Winter Camping” here.

From the looks of Frontenac today, we’re the only ones here, and I’m thinking reservations in winter aren’t anywhere as difficult to get as in summer, particularly in COVID. On the other hand, Tettegouche does show reserved sites, so book way in advance if you’re wanting a site.

I just can’t see winter camping in a tent, unless it’s a “4 season” tent with an electric heater inside, just no way!

Time to fire up the stove out there, I hear turkey soup calling!

DNR’s Motion to Quash DENIED!

February 17th, 2018

The DNR changed its logo to the same boring one all MN agencies now use, UGH!

The DNR, after agreeing to a time certain for staff to testified, filed a Motion to Quash!!

DNR-Motion Packet

WHAT?  So I filed a response:

Response_DNR_Motion to Quash_FINAL

And the Administrative Law Judge told the DNR what they could do with their Motion:

Order_DNR Quash_20182-140121-01

And the meat of it:

Yeah… delightful… Now, can we get at why it is that the DNR, Dept. of Health, and Commerce do not want to testify in this docket?  Hmmmmm…

eagles-rwvisitorconventionbureauPhoto from Red Wing Visitor and Convention Bureau – for more, go HERE!

Beginning TOMORROW, the DNR is hosting a series of hearing on rulemaking to amend Rules Relating to Engangered, Threatened, and Special Concern Species, Minn. R. 6134.0170, 6134.0200, 6134.0300, and 6134.0400.

DNR Rulemaking Notice

DNR Rulemaking Page – includes proposed rules

One by one, the rules at issue per the DNR:

Minn. R. 6134.0170 (DOES NOT EXIST?!?!)

Minn. R. 6134.0200

Minn. R. 6134.0300

Minn. R. 6134.0400

The hearings are beginning tomorrow evening in Rochester:

Yes, bald eagles are on this list, as are loggerhead shrike and trumpeter swans, all at issue in the Goodhue Wind project.  It seems to me that Golden Eagles ought to be acknowledged and added, they’ve been sighted in the area as well, and no take permits are allowed by USFWS.

CLICK HERE for some comments they received recently.