Is anyone paying any attention to whether tRump is keeping up with payments to those funding his house of cards?

Witch hunt?  See the Twit-in-Chief’s most recent “Mainstream Media Accountability Survey,” where he tries to drum up support for his delusional paranoia.  Fill out the survey!  Let him know what you really think.  The insight/incite in this survey is worth the time.

Let’s think about this — 12 Russian intelligence officers are indicted, yet tRump wails and cries about a “Witch Hunt” directed at HIM?  Please, explain the connection?

Here’s the indictment revealed yesterday, yes, 12 Russian intelligence officers.  REAL NEWS made public.

7-13-2018 Indictment

tRump seems to be trying to build the case for his treatment of the press.  Or to see how his spin is taking.  Does he really think we, or the press, are this stupid?

Take the time to fill out this questionnaire, using the essay option, to demonstrate that we’re not a bunch of sycophant toadies.  Here’s the link:

Mainstream Media Accountability Survey

Here are the questions, note the negative and double negative framing that is pretty tough to parse out.  Here’s a pdf to preview, with jpgs belo:

Mainstream Media Accountability Survey