John Howe enters 2CD Rep. race

September 22nd, 2015

Sen. John Howe of Red Wing listens to the answer to a question he asked during a Friday Senate committee hearing about building a Vikings stadium.

Photo – Gretchen Hoffman, Capitol Chat

John Howe has announced he’s running for Congress in Minnesota’s 2nd Congressional District.  It’s all over the web.  I’d wager a fair amount that John Howe would win the election.  The good news is that Drazkowski will not run, Dog help us if he did (though it would get him out of the MN House!). What I know about Howe is that as Mayor of Red Wing, and as our area state Senator, he stood up to Xcel Energy on its Prairie Island uprate and worked to get the full story out, and Xcel Energy did ask that the Certificate of Need be revoked/withdrawn after it was clear that there was no need for the uprate.  Howe also returns phone calls, and he’ll stop for a chat at the Farmers Market.

He was working for a bipartisan legislative environmental lobbying/caucus org of some sort, so I hope that he’ll continue with that mindset.  But given the MPR blurb below of Howe’s early campaign stop at a Red Wing Tea Party meeting, that gives me the willies, and I do hope he’s not taking that party line.  He also says he’ll put in $500k of his own money toward the campaign.  If he’s got that kind of money to throw around, and buys in to the “pay to play” notion, that’s a concern.  He’s been a moderate, sane voice, and if he continues on in that vein, he’ll win.  If not, if he goes off like Republican Presidential candidates these days, well, he’ll have trouble in this swing district.

We shall see…

Here’s the MPR article:

Howe enters race for Congress

And on Hubbard’s KSTP:

In the StPPP and StPPP blog:

2nd Republican announces bid to replace Rep. John Kline

Howe runs for Second District as ‘conservative’ but ‘electable’

I think that last headline pretty much sums it up for CD2!