ICE OUT in Pine Island!

August 22nd, 2018

Amazing.  Tonight the Pine Island City Council reversed its position and rescinded it’s previous Resolution in support of the ICE detention center proposed for Elk Run area of Pine Island.  YES!

KAAL – The City of Pine Island Rescinds Support for ICE Detention Facility

KIMT – Pine Island changes its mind on an ICE detention center

Here’s the Resolution rescinding the previous Resolution:

Here’s the original Resolution of support, boilerplate language from the proposed developers:

It’s DONE, for now.  It could come back, but methinks they understand that we’re ready!  Methinks they know what to expect if they try again!


I should have gone up in the front row and captured the smirk on the Mayor’s face through almost all of the meeting.  Was he nervous and feeling the heat, or was he dismissive of everyone who showed up?  Showed up for what?  For the Pine Island City Council meeting, the first one after City Council meeting where they voted to approve a resolution of support for Management and Training Corporation’s 640 bed ICE detention facility.

Here’s Alan Muller’s comment:

FULL meeting link — City says their site is broken so they posted it HERE – CITY FB PAGE

Here’s the Post Bulletin on the meeting:

Crowd weighs in on potential Pine Island ICE facility

The ICE request for proposals:

Immigration Detention Services – Multiple Areas of Responsibility 

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Next Pine Island City Council meeting: 7/17 at 7!

City Council Meetings are held the 3rd Tuesday of the month at 7 pm on the 2nd floor of City Hall. City Council Meetings can be viewed here.

In New York Times:

All over U.S., Local Officials Cancel Deals to Detain Immigrants

The ICE request for proposals:

Immigration Detention Services – Multiple Areas of Responsibility 



Pine Island – Proposed Immigration and Customs Enforcement in which Pine Island says:


Let Pine Island know what you think about an ICE detention facility:

Mayor Rod Steele <>, Jerry Vettel <>, Jason Johnson <>, Mike Hildenbrand <>, David Friese <>, City Administrator <>, Finance-Account Clerk <>, Economic Development Director <>

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