As we celebrate “National Character Counts Week” declared by our Twit-in-Chief:

President Donald J. Trump Proclaims October 15 through October 21, 2017, as National Character Counts Week

… here’s the latest example from the guy who wouldn’t know character if it bit him in the ass, which it does regularly:

Presidential Executive Order Promoting Healthcare Choice and Competition Across the United States

Right… “promoting healthcare choice and competition.”

In today’s STrib:

Minn. joins suit against Trump’s halt to health insurance subsidies

There will be a comment period, so might as well start commenting NOW:


Tell tRump what you think, in technicolor.

Get ahold of Congress too, let them know what you think about this abuse of power through yanking dollars:

U.S. Senate: Senators of the 115th Congress

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Here’s an example of missing the point entirely:

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA), however, has severely limited the choice of healthcare options available to many Americans and has produced large premium increases in many State individual markets for health insurance. The average exchange premium in the 39 States that are using in 2017 is more than double the average overall individual market premium recorded in 2013. The PPACA has also largely failed to provide meaningful choice or competition between insurers, resulting in one-third of America’s counties having only one insurer offering coverage on their applicable government-run exchange in 2017.

Hmmmmmmmm, this is about health “insurance” and I don’t see anything about “health care.” As usual, Trump is not noting the distinction!  The points above are about problems with the health insurance industry.

Once more with feeling, we want HEALTH CARE and not HEALTH INSURANCE.  The issue above about cost of premiums going up, and that’s the insurance companies, and the complaint is about “only one insurer.”  When are we going to get insurance companies out of the mix?  DOH!

Access to health care?

August 18th, 2012


There are days when life in the U.S.A. really pisses me off, and yesterday was one of them.  We are, what, the ONLY developed country without available, accessible health care ready and waiting for its population?  My dogs get better health care than I do, and I will be damned if I will give some HEALTH INSURANCE company my hard-earned money when what I need is HEALTH CARE.  And I can’t call the vet for me.  Thanks to Dog for the Red Wing Care Clinic, which I give a chunk to each time I go.  Even without considering my parent’s veterans benefits (both were in WWII), they were covered well by Medicare and $102/month for Part B coverage.  I’m counting the days until I’m 65, and can get Medicare and reasonably priced supplemental care coverage.

When these idiots are talking about dismantling Medicare, THAT gets my blood pressure up, HOW DARE THEY.  “PRIVATIZE!”  Privatize Medicare, privatize Social Security — privatize my fat my ass…  The point is clear, they’re aiming to eliminate the surplus population with their draconian policies.  Over my dead body!  Oh, right, that’s exactly it…

Anyway, joys of self-employment and our damned “insurance” system… I had a cracked tooth, it started ages ago, and what little was left of it started screaming and I just couldn’t take it any longer:


OMD, what a relief… much better… much much better!!!

Remember the hook that won’t go away (even though El did):

What’s the word?  TINKLENBERG!

It’s Bachmann-McCarthy Overdrive!

That was then, and this is now… Now Paul Hipp’s released “We’re #37” and it’s shot way up, making the rounds on the DFL lists:

So do tell — what’s the tie to MN that got him interested in that obscure, awful race in the “Land of Ventura and Franken?”