April 5th, 2020

Results came in a couple days ago. NEGATIVE! For now… but the sinus crap is lingering on, and on, and on… that is SO frustrating.

Rx: Continued isolation, RARE trips out for essential stuff, and wait it out.

Times like this, I’m glad to work from home, though I miss the trips to meet with clients!


Agitating project for today in quarantine — contact all the pink and grey states on this map. Message? “LOCKDOWN NOW! You’re putting your state’s people at risk, and increasing infection, sickness, and deaths. Just do it — issue stay-at-home order NOW!”

What the hell is wrong with these states? And this is one reason why we need honest and ethical leadership at federal level.

Fauci: I don’t understand why all states are not under stay-at-home orders

Well, it’s called federal lack of leadership. Most states have stay-at-home orders, I was on Gov. Walz to do that, and we should have done it before Wisconsin, but at least he did do it. Now, on to these others, some of which have local stay-at-home but no STATEWIDE stay at home. Missouri and Alabama now have STAY HOME Orders. Come on, Governors, just do it:

Contact Arkansas Governor

Contact Iowa Governor

Contact Nebraska Governor

Contact North Dakota Governor

Contact Oklahoma Governor

Contact South Carolina Governor

Contact South Dakota Governor

Contact Utah Governor

Contact Wyoming Governor

STAY HOME, Minnesota!

March 25th, 2020

Goodhue County resident in their 20s is county’s first presumptive COVID-19 case, health department says

2nd Ellsworth COVID case

March 23rd, 2020

I’m having this “WTF WERE THEY THINKING?” experience. The Ellsworth School District had a choir and band trip that LEFT on March 9, returned on March 14, to New Orleans. This trip LEFT after the pandemic was blooming, after recommendations to self-isolate and for social distancing. There’s just no excuse for this, putting people at risk. And now, the second person from that trip has been officially diagnosed with COVID.

Update: Pierce County COVID-19 cases now number three

From the article:

Band and choir students were in New Orleans March 9-14, which also was spring break. The two people attended the senior high school choir trip, according to the message.

The group consisted of 44 students, 14 parents and two teaching staff, the email said. When the group left on March 9, all Wisconsin schools were still in session. The group returned the day after the governor’s Friday afternoon announcement closing schools and five days prior to the actual mandatory closing of Wisconsin schools.

Listen to this rationalization and denial:

“The trajectory of the virus changed dramatically from the time in which the group left to their point of return. At the time in which the group left for the trip to New Orleans, the State of Louisiana was not listed as an area of community spread. The first case in Louisiana was actually reported on March 9th, the day the group left,” the district email reads. “Spring break was a time in which many of our families traveled throughout the country and to other countries. Due to the many changes that took place in an extremely short period of time, the decision was made to not have all district students return to school after spring break for the three days available prior to the governor’s closing date of March 18, 2020. ”

Is “self-isolation” and “social distancing” so hard to understand? “Do not travel” is pretty self-explanatory. Putting people at risk like this is so wrong, living in denial is no excuse. Willful ignorance, willful disregard…

CDC Recommendation – Masks – accessed 4/10/2020

SUAY Community Mask Coalition – click for mask pattern and instructions

ANOTHER PATTERN: What might be the best, fits better, but use bands or ties rather than those small hair ties that are so painful for ears!

More patterns from THIS PAGE:

mask 1 regular size with pocket.pdf

mask 2 large pattern.pdf

mask 2 regsize pattern.pdf

mask 2 child pattern.pdf


Pattern for one above HERE!

Here’s video on how to make an easy square and pleated one!

And scroll way down for ear savers!

New York Times Mask Pattern and directions

This one has the most detailed instructions, and design is more intricate:


Another style I made:

And this one, recommended by a hospital that was asking for volunteers to make them — and then it was removed. Note that they only want them partially made, but the video shows how to make the whole thing, and MOST IMPORTANT, at the end of the video is info on FILTERS, and they recommend using replaceable HEPA vacuum cleaner bags (NOT HEPA air filters or furnace filters).


The design is such that you can replace the filter easily. And the video has been removed… just great… it was very well done. Anyway, here’s directions and a pattern. I think something like this is a whole lot better than running around shopping in a bandana (HANDS UP, DON’T SHOOT!).

I LIKE THIS PATTERN BEST, GREAT FIT, WITH DIRECTIONS (but with hair headbands, not the small elastic hairbands):

On the above pattern, I cut 4 of the large piece, and 2 of the small, the small open for a filter if desired, I use a cut up HEPA vacuum cleaner bag, but even a coffee filter works.

I don’t really like these kind below, because the ear elastic is painful, but they’re pretty easy to make, I’ve made a few of these the pleated square type, and I took out the blue hair elastic to put in headbands go around my head:

Here is the elastic sewed on the edges of the simple pleated mask:

This is one of the square ones with three pleats, a filter pocket, and an added bandana touch at the bottom!

And to save your ears from those elastic bands, you can also do something like this, or sew buttons onto a hat or shield: