chickadees2Bird Clan

Chickadees, in Bird Clan, a print of oil by Daniel Milton HorseChief, are now framed and ready for its new home in my office, next to my inspirational Jerry Garcia “You can pursue that goal and feed the dog at the same time, it just takes a little extra effort” photo.  I haven’t had a splurge like this in a while, and it feels good!

HorseChief is both a painter and sculptor, living on the Oklahoma end of the Plains & Eastern Clean Line transmission project.


HorseChief creates art based on Cherokee history, culture

Prints are available of his work, and he can be reached via facebook.

Horsechief-LittleBighornBattlefieldCuster’s Knoll, The Battle of the Little Bighorn 1976

GoingSnake'sTrailGoing Snake’s Trail

LonghairClan MotherLonghairClan Mother