“Streamline” is code for “ram it through.”

Another one of those “change!” moments — look at what we’re getting:

Daytons Executive Order 11-04

So do tell, was this done to help push approval of Paul Aasen as Commissioner of MPCA?  Show that Dayton will roll for big business over environmental review?  There are such horrendous projects in the pipeline, ones that require a serious look, and ones that shouldn’t be permitted, period.  P-O-L-Y-M-E-T! Need I say more?  Oh, OK, how about 3M’s Cottage Grove Incinerator?   Hennepin County’s HERC Incinerator?

Here’s his Press Release:

Dayton Issues Executive Order to Speed Permitting Process

Dayton is right in line with Rep. Drazkowski — how scary can it get?

Drazkowski pitches regulatory reduction