This “Critical Energy Infrastructure” label is so grossly overused, and here we go again. Pres. Biden has declared this month, November, “Critical Infrastructure Security and Resilience Month.” It’s not “just” energy, but that’s the one I know most about:

What it also means is that information about our energy system is often classified as “Critical Energy Infrastructure Information” and it’s nearly impossible to get access to it. Thanks to reasonable minds at Minnesota Power and Great River Energy, I was able to get “confidential” information about the “Northland Reliability Project,” PUC Dockets CN-22-416 and TL-22-415. On the other hand, MISO has worked hard to prohibit attendance at its planning meetings, despite FERC’s acknowledgement that MISO is misusing the term, and providing sufficient support IN WRITING that should allow attendance. GRRRRRRR.

What is Critical Energy Infrastructure Information? It’s all about FERC:

Critical Energy Infrastructure Information”

Some prior posts:

My take is that much/most of this is just hype, and offered as justification for the BILLIONS in infrastructure that they’re sinking in, and yes, it is investment, it’s providing jobs, but as far as energy goes, it’s going the wrong way. But hey, we’ve known that for more than 25 years…