Waiting for the perp walk…

April 11th, 2018

How much longer…

I’m getting 2-4 emails daily from tRump or his minions begging for money.  This morning’s subject was “WITCH HUNT.”  Get over it… it’s an investigation.

From the New York Times, that radical rag:

The Law Is Coming, Mr. Trump

The waiting is getting a bit much, though.  Each day, something so absurd and extreme happens, usually by this crank with no business being president, no restraint, no critical thinking, no ethical base, no outward focus.  Let’s get this over with, NOW!

Once more with feeling, Xcel Energy’s peak demand is DOWN, DOWN, DOWN!  From their year end SEC filing: Xcel Energy 2017 10-K

And over the last 17 years:

That 8,546 MW is down 1,313 from the 2006 peak.  Xcel is now at legislature pushing hard for free rein on money to rehab its Prairie Island plant here in Red Wing.  The same plant that was being rehabbed, got a Certificate of Need, and then they withdrew it saying it wasn’t needed.  Oh… and now?  It’s not adding up, folks.