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There’s a group from the Village School that’s arrived in Europe for the International Democratic Education Conference (IDEC 2005). Here’s the latest from Maria Musachio, teacher at the Village School. She’s a friend who now lives in Kenyon, a former neighbor of mine and also the aforementioned Jay Burlison.


I am writing from Paris and I’m sitting in an internet cafe for the
first time. It’s a funny arrangement on the keyboard so bear with my

Our trip from Amsterdam to Paris was LONG! We did not want to ride
the high speed train because it would cost us an extra 150 euros so we
took the regular train and experienced several delays. We left
Amsterdam at ç:”à am and didnt get to our hostel in Paris until &à:&(
pm. That was hard, but everyone held up just fine. Our regret is that our time in Paris is so short. It seems like a wonderful city, very friendly and easy to find our way around. We all went out to a neighborhood cafe last night and had a great time. This morning we headed out on the subway to see the Eiffel Tower. It is truly magnificent. Joe and Doug waited in the rather long line and went all the way to the top. They failed to remember to take pictures though, so the scene up there remains in their memories only.

Some of us moved on, walking to the Arc de Triumph, then down the
Champs de Elysees, down to the Louvre (didn’t go in) and then back
home on the “Metro”. We all loved Paris and are sad to be leaving so

Our hostel is great, a view to die for out every window, in a very
nice neighborhood, and hot showers in each of the rooms.

We head to Switzerland tomorrow at – am. Wish us luck! I’m checking
my e-mail so send messages if you want; More later.

Stay tuned for updates, and Maria said she’ll try to send photos from Berlin.


Daniel Burlison 1922-2005

July 25th, 2005

My friend Jay’s father died recently, and we just had a long talk about what it is to lose someone so important. Jay is unique, and learning some about his father and his influence, he’s not so unique after all, in that it’s clear he learned a lot about being true to himself, to be genuine in the world offering what only he can offer, from his father.


Jay summed it up for the memorial gathering held last week:

My father was a blessing in my life for just over 50 years – and never more so than in the first decade and the last decade of that time. In the first he was an involved, affectionate, hands-on father at a time when that was much less the norm than it is yoday, and in the last he was essential to my being able to make a number of crucial life changes.

He lived a fascinating life, some of it known to me and some not – the details would make a book, but I shall leave to others to speak of the parts they know.

He was a highly gifted designer and craftsman with a vision all
his own, and a man of many other talents, abilities, and interests
besides, widely curious, widely knowledgeable, largely self-educated. I honor and admire all of this, yet what I most remember him for are his sense of humor, his curiosity, his passion for life, his independence of mind, and his prolific generosity to me with his affection, love, and knowledge. Were I to recite the list of things I learned from him it would keep us here a good long while, and even so I would inevitably miss many of them – I suspect that I will be discovering more and more of them as the years go by.

However, the main lessons, fittingly taught by positive example,
were these: find work you love and do it well, always stay interested
in the world, always keep active and developing, mentally, physically
emotionally and spiritually, and always maintain your independence of
mind. I suppose that could all be summed up by saying ?never let your
heart and mind grow old.?

I will miss him to the end of my days in many ways great and
small, but still, he was a blessing in my life for over 50 years, and
for that I can only be grateful.


Daniel M. Burlison
, 83, died Tuesday June 28 after a short illness. Mr. Burlison was a jewelry designer and craftsman for most of his life. For the last 12 years he lived and worked in Silver City, and before that in Taos and Cimarron, New Mexico after moving south from Alaska.

An adventurer from youth, Mr. Burlison spent time living among the Alaskan natives teaching jewelry making and prospecting for jade. He served in the Merchant Marines during WWII and also worked as a commercial fisherman.

He is survived by his partner of many years, Susan Hill of Silver City, by his children: daughter Kelly MacRunnels (Alan) of Albuquerque, sons Mike Burlison (Tammy) of Dennard, AR, and Jay Burlison of Richmond, VA, and by his grandchildren: Kelcie and Keven MacRunnels of Albuquerque and Daniel Burlison of Dennard, AR.

A memorial gathering will be held Sunday July 17th at 2 pm at the Gomez Peak group campground on Little Walnut Road in Silver City, New Mexico.

The family requests donations be sent to Children International.

Here’s an example of Daniel Burlison’s work:


The Mesaba (Two Lobbyists & a Wife) coal gasification plant loan guarantees are a corporate boondoggle part of the dreadful energy bill that’s moving forward.

Leaders jump-start energy legislation

The decision not to shield MTBE manufacturers from environmental lawsuits should clear the way for negotiators to complete work on a final bill, perhaps as early as today, and send it to the House and the Senate for approval by the end of the week…

…The bill includes a raft of measures designed to promote domestic production of oil, natural gas, coal and nuclear power, spur energy conservation and strengthen the nation’s electricity grids.

A few contentious issues remain to be settled, such as whether to require 10 percent of the nation’s electricity to be generated from alternative sources, such as solar and wind power, by 2020, whether to permit a survey of offshore oil and gas resources and how much corn-based ethanol should be added to the nation’s gasoline supply.

The “raft of measures” includes a liferaft for Mesaba, the $800 million in federally guaranteed loans. Toadies ‘R’ Us — Looks like they’re having way too much fun at our expense.

Excelsior yahoos.jpg

Call and ask them to stop the $800 million in federally guaranteed loans:

> Senator Coleman: (202) 224-5641
> Senator Dayton: (202) 224-3244
> Rep. Gutknecht: 202-225-2472 (energy LA is Eric Keber)
> Rep. Kline: 202-225-2271 (energy LA is Monica Jirik)
> Rep. Ramstad: 202-225-2871 (energy LA is Adam Peterman)
> Rep. McCollum: (202) 225-6631
> Rep. Sabo: (202) 225-4755
> Rep. Kennedy: 202-225-2331 (energy LA is Michael Yost)
> Rep. Peterson: (202) 225-2165
> Rep. Oberstar: 202-225-6211 (energy LA is Kipp Johnson)


Meanwhile, the Mesaba plant moves forward in the Minnesota regulatory process, the Mesaba EQB application expected in August, “or earlier or later,” that’s the word from the EQB’s Bill Storm, who’s handling that project.

But for some inexplicable reason, Mesaba isn’t applying for the Hoyt Lakes site that was the basis for the legislative approval, it’s instead planning to site just north of Bovey. Ron Gustafson, who lives near the site, is part of a group that has put together a web site explaining the Mesaba proposal, and he forwarded the site:

The Minnesota Coal Gasification Plant

The web site includes the proposed site plans — even the EQB hasn’t posted them because when Excelsior Energy ended their tour of the proposed site, THEY CONFISCATED THE MAPS!!! They’re also on my site in an earlier post.

Here’s something to pay attention to — the legislation for this plant, 2003 Special Session H.F. 9, gave Mesaba unbelievable regulatory circumventions and perks, exempt from Certificate of Need, forced Xcel Power Purchase Agreement so Mesaba didn’t have to worry about selling the power in these times of energy glut, $10 million free money from the Renewable Development Fund, etc, etc, etc… BUT the plant legislation is premised on location on a taconite site. The area around Ron Gustafson is NOT a taconite site.

From Minnesota Coal Gasification:

40.27 (3) that is designated by the commissioner of the iron
40.28 range resources and rehabilitation board as a project that is
40.29 located in the taconite tax relief area on a site that has
40.30 substantial real property with adequate infrastructure to
40.31 support new or expanded development and that has received prior
40.32 financial and other support from the board.

What happend to their other site? This new site sure doesn’t fit the legislative criteria! IS ANYONE PAYING ATTENTION TO THIS? That should be sufficient to get the application booted out of the EQB before it even lands.

Other coal gasification plants – this section has some information on the Terre Haute plant that was shut down not long after it started because it couldn’t pay its electric bill!!!!

Yup, coal gasification power plant on the tax payers and rate payers tab… great idea…


Energy Policy & Public Participation: Monticello Nuclear Reactor.

Xcel Energy wants to re-license the Monticello Nuclear Reactor.

Is this the legacy we want to leave our kids and future generations?

Date: Wednesday, July 27, 2005
Time: 7:00-8:45
Location: Southdale Library, 7001 York Avenue Edina MN

Featured Speakers:

Carol A. Overland and Ken Pentel

XCEL Energy plans to:
1. Renew the license for the Monticello Nuclear Power Plant, so it can operate 20 more years.(2010-2030)
2. Add a new dry cask storage facility for Monticello nuclear waste

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission is soliciting comments until August 2, 2005 on the scope of environmental review.

Join us and learn why your participation matters.

Also, learn about:
* The 1993-4 debate over dry cask storage at Prairie Island
* The Prairie Island expansion of storage in 2003

–Carol A. Overland, a utility regulatory attorney who represents Intervenors in transmission and nuclear issues. Overland represented Florence Township in its four-year battle over nuclear waste storage.

–Ken Pentel, a community activist who served on the Steering Committee for the Prairie Island Coalition from 1993-4. Pentel was the Green Party Candidate for Governor in 1998 & 2002; Pentel called for the phase-out of the Monticello and Prairie Island Nuclear Reactors.

(From MPR, that’s Pentel on the left, Pawlenty on the right, duh!)

This non-partisan event is free & open to the public. Sponsored by the Green Party of Edina and Saint Louis Park Greens. For information call Julie Risser 952-927-7538.

FYI – Here’s the GPMN Statement on Storing Nuclear Waste at Prarie Island

St. Lawrence Band Reunion
Saturday, August 27, 2005
1-6 and even later…
St. Lawrence School in SE Mpls

Paul McGovern found it — one of the photos I remember from the last time Saturn moved from Cancer into Leo! I keep wanting to call him “Pauly,” that’s him on the right in front of the banner. He’s grown up a bit, now he’s in photographic engineering, will have a new kid next month, and he’s lending his talents to restoring and digitalizing photos from so far back that we don’t even want to remember. Maybe he thinks blackmail will get him through this lay-off, I think he said something under his breath about photos of me in the back of the bus… don’t know how much this is gonna cost me…


And my exhusband’s the one with the trombone next to my little bro! Let’s hear it for Saturn leaving Cancer and revisiting another era with a little perspective!