Stephanie3Photo by David Kamis, taken after Stephanie’s ducks were assassinated

Tomorrow is the Memorial Service for Stephanie Henricksen.  It’s at the UCC in Northfield, gathering at 10 a.m. and service is at 11 a.m. with lunch following.

Stephanie4Photo by Kathleen Doran-Norton, of Stephanie, and there’s Dave & Flo Minar in the background

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Since the #YallQaeda takeover of the Malheur Wildlife Refuge Headquarters, I’ve been waiting for the comparisons of these guys to #blacklivesmatter.  Here we go, from the bubbleheads:

CNN analyst: White militamen aren’t a threat like black protesters ‘because they’re not looting anything.’

Let’s see, looking at Bundys v. #blacklivesmatter here in Minneapolis: taking over a federal building v. tenting on the grounds; armed v. unarmed; repudiating governmental authority v. working for systemic change; unfocused blather v. concrete demands and issues; unwanted outsiders v. community members; bringing in snipers v. bringing in tents and food; favored and coddled treatment in the press v. scathing condemnation in the press.  DOH!  And white male leadership v. black female leadership. And these “111” guys, the Bundy folks have it on their T-Shirts, pick up truck rear windows, and the ones who came in and SHOT #blacklivesmatter protesters were part of the group branding themselves with the “111” label.



Remember Clive Bundy and his Nevada stand-off when the feds decided to evict him, and his cows, from BLM land they had leased but stopped paying the lease and owes over $1 million?

Now his son Ammon Bundy, from Phoenix, has organized his militia and gone up to Burns, Oregon (temp around 9 today!) for another stand-up/stand-off/stand-down over Dwight and Steven Hammond.  another federal land lease issue, where they were convicted of arson, burning the BLM land, and then a federal judge determined that their sentence was not sufficient, and ordered them to report back to prison this coming Monday.  Ammon Bundy has issued a “call to arms” which sounds a lot like inciting violence to me.  From what I’ve been reading, people are ignoring that this was LEASED land, they did not own it, it was not there, it is OURS, as in “we the people” ours!

Eastern Oregon Ranchers Convicted of Arson Resentenced …


When you check out the videos and photos, note the “111%” on T-shirts and signs.

Militia takes over Malheur National Wildlife Refuge headquarters

Thing is, Dwight and Steven Hammond want nothing to do with Bundy and his militia, the Community doesn’t want them around…  they “stand with the Hammonds” but Hammonds not so much…

Who Wants A Burns, Oregon Standoff? Not The Sheriff, The Ranchers, Or Even Cliven Bundy

Oregon ranching case spurs anti-government sentiment

The Hammonds have not welcomed the Bundys’ help.

“Neither Ammon Bundy nor anyone within his group/organization speak for the Hammond Family,” the Hammonds’ lawyer W. Alan Schroeder wrote to Sheriff David Ward. But Hammonds don’t have clean hands, going beyond the federal crimes for which they’ve been convicted and are now serving time:
Showdown in the Malheur marshes: the origins of rancher terrorism in Burns, Oregon

What if your militia showdown isn’t wanted?

A local resident organized a meeting to address the militia, learn about their plans:

Burns residents confront militia over fears of violence

… This was no government-led meeting. Brandy Mosher, a local resident worried about her community, arranged the meeting, promoting it on social media. On a frigid holiday evening, about 60 people showed up. She just wanted people to talk to each other instead of resorting to rumors.

There was a protest this afternoon in Burns, Oregon:

Militia holds march, rally in Burns



After the protest, Bundy brothers and other supporters took over the National Forest Reserve office, and they want to give it back to loggers, miners and the ranchers:

Armed militia, incl Bundy bros, occupy forest reserve HQ in Oregon, call ‘US patriots’ to arms


Armed militia, including Bundy brothers, occupy forest reserve HQ in Oregon, call “US patriots” to arms

Convoy takes off from Bend to protest ranchers’ convictions


Tuesday night in Onalaska

December 17th, 2015


Tuesday night, the Onalaska Plan Commission took up the revised Comprehensive Plan.

Onalaska Comprehensive Plan Final Draft – 12-07-2015

Here’s where you can check out the new Comprehensive Plan (search for “transmission” and you’ll find not much):

City of Onalaska 2015 Comprehensive Plan Page

The current Zoning map (click for larger version):



Do you see any transmission lines on that map?  Any pipelines on that map?  The City doesn’t have a map of transmission lines, or pipelines, yet it’s a prominent feature of Onalaska, just drive up Hwy 35 or Hwy 53 and you’ll see what I mean.  The City Land Use & Development Director said in the meeting that they don’t have one, it would be very difficult to put together and that this info can be regarded as “proprietary.”  Not quite, it could be “CEII” information, but when you see it driving down the road, when you look at google and there it is, there’s no reason the City can’t draw a line on the map!

There’s a lot of transmission through Onalaska, lining both sides of the highways, in the middle of the city bottlenecked in-between the river and the bluffs (like Red Wing), and it runs right through the heart of the city.  Here’s ATC’s “map” of transmission:


Here’s WI-PSC’s map:


PSC Xmsn Map As you can see, it’s not rocket science to put a map together of transmission through Onalaska and its potential expansion areas.


Dairyland is wanting to tear down its old line on the west side of Highways 53 and 35 and virtually double the height of the towers and the capacity.  That’s not updating or maintenance, that’s “tear down the old line and build a new one” construction.

NOW is the time, because there’s not yet a Dairyland application, and because Xcel’s line on the east side of Highways 35 and 53 is also old, they’re going to want to “upgrade” soon too.  The routing of transmission through Onalaska in light of Wisconsin’s adoption of its Electrical Code which prohibits construction under a line, means that new construction should be carefully reviewed.  And right now, rebuilding, tearing down and new construction of something much bigger, shouldn’t be allowed over and next to homes and businesses.  What to do?  It’s a narrow area with a lot of transmission!  But this is what “planning” is all about.  Looking into the future and figuring out what they want the City to look like, how they can address the extreme impacts of transmission, and if they can minimize or mitigate these impacts.  Here’s an example of it running through people’s back yards, stars indicate pole placement in people’s back yards, and the white/red lines are access roads through people’s back yards!

10th AveN

On behalf of No CapX 2020, I sent the Planning Commission and City Council these comments:

NoCapX2020 Comment_OnalaskaCompPlan

At Tuesday’s meeting, there were few commenters, and they quickly wrestled with the issues raised, and sent it back to the Committee for consideration of transmission issues and impacts.


My beautiful pictureHell Creek State Park, Montana, circa 1966

Comments on the Hell Creek State Park Master Site & Management Plan – Draft_10-28-15 are due November 25, 2015.  They’re looking at choices to address the serious overcapacity use of the park, and to determine what to do when the “no-cost lease agreement” with the Army Corps of Engineers expires in 2021.  At this point, they’re wanting to address site infrastructure needs, make priority improvements and continue management of site and concession facility under a new contract with USACE.

Send Comments, labeled as “Hell Creek State Park – Comments” to:

Montana State Parks
1420 East 6th Ave
PO Box 200701
Helena, MT  59620-0701

or online:


Decades ago on a family camping trip, we went to Hell Creek State Park, and it was stunning in its vast austerity.  It was on the bank of the Fort Peck Reservoir, the dam being part of our infrastructure tour that summer, and it was so bleak, hot, and dry, I wondered how people survived out there. Here’s the one campsite now with a tree!


We had to drive this intensely bumpy dirt road from Jordan, the nearest town, about 26 miles away, and it took a LONG time.  When we got there, we were the only campers, and were warmly greeted by the ranger, who showed us around, warned us about the cactus and said to be careful what shoes we wore because those spines could come right up through flimsy tennis shoes!  He also displayed his day’s work, he’d been out shooting rattlesnakes that day, and had half a flour sack full of dead rattlesnakes.   I don’t remember a beach, though there must have been a designated swimming area, and for sure there would have been a boat launch.  What I do remember of the reservoir, other than the dam, was an old wagon, the wooden kind, with a bench seat, the bench sticking up out of the water, which reminded me of what was probably lurking underneath the water, whatever was left when they flooded the river valley.

I’ve wanted to go back there, and now with the camper, it’s on the agenda (let’s hear it for online reservations with photos!).  And in looking at the park, I found this Plan, and it presents some interesting issues, ranging from dealing with outfitters who direct clients to the park and use it as a base; moving to increased online reservations and a reservation only system; dealing with water and sewage issues, fish cleaning waste; and campground improvements to water, sanitary sewer system, electrical and cell service (there is NO cell service in the area).

If you’re a camper, fisher, hunter, check out this plan and let them know what you think!